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China sold 9.31 billion pairs of shoes last year, but this year they are down 10 percent
From: Dongguan YuRong shoes material co.,LTD Post date: 2018-09-28

According to the latest statistics of "world shoe industry" magazine in 2017, there were 23 billion pairs of shoes sold worldwide in 2017, and China topped the list with 9.31 billion pairs, accounting for 67.3% of the world's consumption of 23 billion pairs of shoes in 2017. Asia continues to be recognized as a world leader in global footwear production and consumption.
Although the status of China as a manufacturing power is hard to be shaken at present, as the cost of labor and raw materials continues to rise, the price of wholesale links has been reduced, generally by 10%.
In the 19 hankou north shoe leather goods city autumn winter new product ordering meeting, Shanghai huili, spider leopard, fulai shoes industry, old man ockney and other more than 300 brand shoe industry merchants, attracted more than 1000 businessmen from home and abroad come to dozen goods. At the order meeting, xu xiantao, head of the bird shoe industry in shenzhou, wuhan, said that this year, many shoe companies are struggling to resist the "double whammy" of rising raw materials, rising labor costs and shrinking orders, while wholesale prices have been generally reduced by 10%.
The disappearance of labor cost advantage directly leads to accelerated order outflow
Chinese shoe companies have long been plagued by soaring raw material prices, rents and labor costs, which have led to a flood of orders going to producing areas in Vietnam, Cambodia and India.
South-east Asian countries have cheaper Labour than they do at home. At present, the cost pressure is seriously troubling China's shoemaking industry, labor cost difference of about one time, why not use it? This is clearly the most immediate reason customers are increasingly willing to place orders in south-east Asia. To cater to customer demand, the shift from the mainland to southeast Asia production line is also increasing. In may, footwear sportswear giant Adidas said it would continue to shift its shoe production from China to Vietnam. Rival Puma also said in April that it was working on contingency plans for new us tariffs to shift some production from China to other Asian countries.
The labor force of southeast Asian countries is not only relatively cheap, in addition, the tariff is low and the rent is cheap, which has become the unique advantage of southeast Asian countries at present. Even Bangladesh and Cambodia implement the zero tariff policy, and recently announced the foreign trade policy to promote the export of shoes. Clearly, this puts China at a disadvantage in competing with these countries for foreign markets, and the growing sophistication of these shoemakers' technologies has accelerated the flow of orders out of China. Accordingly, reduce wholesale cost price to become domestic shoe enterprise temporarily respite only effective way.
The scenery of traditional retail mode is no longer, and shopping channel becomes diversified
Under the impact of the Internet, a number of front-line footwear brands such as belle, daphne, anta, tepper, aokang and fugui bird have made significant adjustments and optimization in the physical channel to reduce the impact of e-commerce on the physical channel. Most of the small - and medium-sized shoe companies that can't compete in the e-commerce sector have to cut their prices to maintain their existing customer base.
At present, the overall profit of the shoe industry has been reduced, and it is more difficult for small and medium sized shoe manufacturers at the low end of the industrial chain. Market competition is so fierce, only focus on the product is the right way, improve the level of shoemaking, improve product quality can occupy a place in the market competition.

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